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We are helping b2b companies attract more high-paying clients.

Planning & Executing a winning marketing strategy

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As a B2B business owner, what is your most valuable asset? It is your TIME, right? 

Then why would you waste weeks or months trying to implement a marketing campaign all by yourself? Why endure the endless headaches and hassles while risking NOT getting the results you want?

We are here to help. The Process is simple


Let’s see what’s holding you back


Let’s find a way to get past those issues


Let’s do it

You can have simple, clear, affordable, and result-driven solutions to the challenges of B2B marketing focused on what companies like yours need most.

✤ Contact generating campaigns 

✤ Lead generating marketing 

✤ Client generating sales process

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Too good to be true?
Test out these 5 ways to improve your marketing by yourself with no extra costs!


DEALAVO, a B2B SaaS provider for e-commerce and retail

Together with Michał and his OM, we were working to increase the number of leads and improve the efficiency of our sales process. Michał had a clear vision for us and was able to implement it with good results, but what I appreciate the most is how our marketing and SDR teams have developed under his care. The improvement is visible in individual skills, the ability to cooperate and motivation to perform tasks. If you need effective marketing that leads to increased sales, I sincerely recommend OM.

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Jakub Kot – CEO

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