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What sets us apart?

"Give a man a fish, and you will feed him for a day. Give him a fishing rod, and he will never be hungry again.”

This is a philosophy we live by, as OM’s goal is never to do your marketing for you, it’s to empower you, to do it on your own.

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That means on one hand you can use our experts, research, and frameworks to solve any marketing or sales-related problem you might have.

But on the other, we will:

✤ Hold your hand every step of the way.

✤ Assign you an experienced marketing manager with a proven success record.

✤ Earn your trust with the quality of work, not restrictive, long-term contracts.

How did it all start?

My name is Michael and over 15+ years working in marketing I got disillusioned on how unfair of  an advantage my profession provides. A bad product with good marketing will take the market from a good product with bad marketing any day of the week.
But I realized it does not need to be this way!
My mission became to create a positive loop by helping good people grow their businesses, thus giving them a platform and a means to drive positive change in the long term.

HOW? You might ask.
Well... I specialize in increasing marketing effectiveness, which means bringing forward the full potential of every $ invested in sales and marketing.
So, in 2017, I created a Marketing Outsourcing Program, an end-to-end service improving sales and marketing in B2B companies. It helped me further my mission, and it is working wonders for my clients

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We believe marketing self-reliance is crucial for the healthy, sustainable, growth of any organization. Then again, it takes significant experience to:

✤ Build campaigns that will get you high-quality contacts,

✤ Establish profitable, scalable, and predictable processes to turn contacts into leads

✤ Optimize your sales and sales support to turn leads into clients

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