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The Team

Strong individually, unmatched as a group.

Meet OM managers & consultants. Experts with proven success records in their individual fields of marketing, sales, and business development.


Michał Kozłowski.jpg

Michał Kozłowski

Owner / Marketing Manager


Anna Jesień

CEO / Marketing Manager

Bartek Filipek.jpg

Bartłomiej Filipek

Marketing Manager / Marketing Processes and Content Marketing Expert



Maciej Nawrot

Social Media and eCommerce Expert

  • LinkedIn
Katarzyna Kałuża-Nawrot.jpg

Katarzyna Kałuża-Nawrot

Social Media and Event Marketing Expert

  • LinkedIn
Krzysztof Grzybowski.jpg

Krzysztof Grzybowski

Business Strategy & Innovation Expert

  • LinkedIn
Przemysław Bialokozowicz.jpeg

Przemysław Białokozowicz

eCommerce and Pricing Strategy Expert

  • LinkedIn
Monika Praczyk.jpg

Monika Praczyk

 Copywriter and Content Marketing Expert

  • LinkedIn
Mikołaj Krauze.jpeg

Mikołaj Krauze

SEM Expert

  • LinkedIn
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