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Increasing sales efficiency by 464% over 2 quotas  |  Dealavo (SaaS / B2B)

Lowering the client acquisition cost. No value building mechanisms for the premium product with a premium price


  • Creating new communication framework

  • Changing lead generating communication (website, Google Ads, SEO, content marketing).

  • Optimizing prospecting  and outbound marketing 

  • enriching sales narration


  • As the changes were gradually implemented, the sales efficiency went from 3.9% in Q1 to 9% in Q2 and 18.1% in Q3.

  • Return on marketing investments increased by 231%

  • Outbound efficiency in generating SQL rose by 489%


Unlocking sales potential with clear communication | Super Prezenty (eCommerce / B2C)

Increasing online sales. No unique selling proposition and competing on price


  • Embracing YOLO (you only live once) philosophy as a core company value and building company identity, including communication strategy, around it.

  • Creating a new marketing strategy with a strong focus on brand building.

  • Total visual transformation (including, website, e-shop, and social media content)

  • Opening new supporting sales channels - Facebook and Frisco

  • Cutting down expenses in underperforming funnels.


  • All traffic sources (SEO, PPC, Facebook, Direct, and Affiliate) became profitable

  • M2M sales increased by a minimum of 149% for 6 months straight.

  • Return on marketing investments (ROMI) increased from -89% to +238%


Building a lead generator in a form of a supporting brand | Anonymous (IT / B2B)

Increasing acquisition of SQL leads for implementation projects. Receiving RFP required recognizability inside the client's company, and RFPs are most commonly written to match pre-selected contractors’ technology and methodology.


  • Separating consulting and implementation aspects of the company's operations into two separate brands.

  • Creating an individual communication line for each brand.

  • Creating an individual lead acquisition strategy for each brand.

  • Developing a methodology of performing consulting services that would result in an RFP suitable for the implementation unit.


  • The number of implementation leads (Y2Y) grew by 37%

  • Over 60% of implementation deals originate in leads acquired by the consulting unit.

  • The number of consulting projects grew significantly, providing a new revenue stream and learning opportunities for the team.


DEALAVO, a B2B SaaS provider for e-commerce and retail

Together with Michał and his OM, we were working to increase the number of leads and improve the efficiency of our sales process. Michał had a clear vision for us and was able to implement it with good results, but what I appreciate the most is how our marketing and SDR teams have developed under his care. The improvement is visible in individual skills, the ability to cooperate and motivation to perform tasks. If you need effective marketing that leads to increased sales, I sincerely recommend OM.

jakub kot - dealavo.jpg

Jakub Kot – CEO

What our clients are saying 

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